Have a Merry Mulder X-Mas!

By aka "Jake"

Rating: PG-13
Classification: MSR, Guilty Pleasure

Summary: Scully gets her Christmas wish.

Disclaimer: The characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the property of Chris Carter, FOX and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended. This is for fun, not profit.

Author's Note: I created the image in this story many, many years ago but do enjoy dusting it off for the holidays.

"What do you want for Christmas this year, Scully?"

"There's only one thing on my list, Mulder, and it's the same as last year."








6:00 AM

Santa Mulder

"Does this make you happy, Scully?"

"Very. Now come here and let me open my package. Mulder Claus."

"The name is Santa Mulder and I think you mean my package."

"Ho ho ho!"

(Posted January 2, 2024)


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